100% Accuri2 OTG Various Colours - Prescription Ready

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Quality prescription goggle inserts with premium anti-fog coating;

  • 100% Impact Resistant Lenses
  • Available in Prescription
  • Claim your Private Health Rebate
  • Risk-free Guarantee: 30-day moneyback guarantee
  • Free Express Shipping for all prescription orders within Australia

100% Accuri2 OTG eyeglasses are engineered to empower your vision and conquer inclement weather.

Solidly constructed, our frames boast a composite lens that is 100% impact resistant for optimal performance in any track condition. Larger lenses with an enhanced field of view create a clearer perspective than ever before. The matte finish creates sharper contrasts and better clarity without glare whether you're on the course or off road.

The next generation of Accuri sets the benchmark as the premium performance goggle for serious racers - delivering optimum protection and comfort while extending line-of-sight during those critical moments at speed. We invite you take this chance to make a difference, not only in your races but also in weekend rides.

    Be a better rider. Improve your confidence when you go up to some logs in the bush. Take tight turns or ruts better. You’ll easily see what's coming.

     Elsie Neave “It will make you a better rider and you'll be more confident!”

    Inserts within your endure/motocross goggles. These Inserts sit inside your goggles- behind the front lens (or lexan). You won’t feel them at all, and can wear them in complete comfort.

     Wayne Carey “These Prescription Inserts are very comfortable in your goggles”

    You won’t notice them. They’re made to sit close to your eyes. Unlike OTG goggles, you won’t notice the insert frames. Unlike glasses, you won’t even feel them sitting in your goggles.

    John Duynhoven “Put these into your goggles and you'll quickly forget that they're even in there”

    Large diameter lenses- These bigger lenses give better peripheral view than smaller diameter competitors. They’re great for big hills and cornering at speed!


    Crystal Clear Vision- these inserts are made to replicate the clarity of your normal glasses. Ride in high definition!

    Lenses that don’t fog up. We put them in the freezer for a week, took them out and they still didn’t fog. We use Optifog lenses by Essilor, the leader in anti-fog technology. They’re also anti-scratch.


    100% Impact Resistant Lenses. If you come off your bike, your eyes will be protected. We use 100% impact-resistant Polycarbonate or Trivex lenses. Don’t risk wearing standard plastic lenses!

    Interchangeable lenses- easy to remove and clean. Anti-fog usually lasts about one week, depending on humidity. Just reapply if the effect wears off. 

    Who are these Prescription Inserts for?

    If you ride and can't wear glasses under your goggles, then these are for you! They won't fog up or get uncomfortable. You'll enjoy being back on the bike again.

    How do the Prescription Inserts work?

    Answer: These inserts sit inside your motocross/endure goggles. Put them in your goggles and start riding!

    Can I get these in prescription?

    Answer: Yes, you can order these in Distance lenses. Bifocals may be an option depending on your prescription. Lenses are made from 100% Impact-Resistant Polycarbonate.

    How do I claim my Australian Private Health Rebate?

    When we send the Prescription Inserts, we give you a receipt to claim on your Private Health Insurance. Contact your Insurer and they'll process your claim.

    How long do Prescription Orders take to arrive at my door?

    Generally, prescription orders are shipped via Express Post within 2-3 weeks from when you order.

    Can I switch these Prescription Inserts between goggles?

    Motocross and Enduro goggles vary in size. If your Goggles are nearly identical, you should be able to move them between your goggles. For more information, reach out to us via Facebook Messenger and tell us which goggles you use.

    How do I remove the Prescription Insert to clean?

    Here’s a short video showing how to insert the Prescription Insert. To remove, just unlatch each of the two T-bars at the top. Then remove the insert.

    How do you get the right Prescription?

    Got a recent pair of prescription glasses? If they're up to date and you like the lenses, then we're right to go ahead. Just take a photo of your glasses prescription and send it to us via Facebook Messenger. Remember to include your PD measurement. Our inserts will be as sharp as your best glasses!

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