What do you need to look for in Kids Oakley Sunglasses?

Before jumping in and making a purchase you could regret, you need to think long and hard about what your child will use their glasses for. Will they be that extra causal pair of sunglasses, or are you after durability for those intense sporting games or activities? Since each frame is designed and developed to cater to specific requirements, here are some helpful tips to help you with your decision:

Prescription compatibility
Kids Oakley sunglasses are ideal if your kids have prescription glasses - since many of our frames come in prescription! Even if your child has a high RX, you can check with us to see if we can supply a frame within that range. Give your child the ultimate viewing experience with our incredible kids' Oakley sunglasses. Shop online now.

Lens technology
Prizm™  -Oakley's incredible lens optics technology filters out all those distracting colours and enhances those colours that the eye shows much more sensitivity to. This astonishing function provides a vividness like no other. If you have a child who’s obsessed with sports, our range of Kids’ Oakley sunglasses has been designed for those rough and tumble environments. They can improve your child's skills and help improve their sight. Let the adventure begin.

This is important to ensure that your kid's Oakley sunglasses don’t fall off with the slightest of movements. They’re guaranteed to remain securely in place and on your child’s face. Their Unobtainium grip technology becomes sticky when your child is sweating it out - playing their favourite sport. They don’t even need to keep adjusting their glasses! Always check the frame details to ensure Unobtainium is a feature of the nose pads or temple arms.

Frame Material
O Matter - highly impact-resistant material, does matter when it comes to the durability of frame material. Let’s face it, the last thing you need as a parent is to have to replace a brand new pair of glasses because they weren’t made to last. O Matter is a super light nylon-based material that’s tough enough to withstand almost anything your child throws at them.

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