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You should not compromise clear vision and eye protection to achieve workplace safety. Always keep prescription safety glasses handy to fulfil both of these needs. 

EyeSports is the leading choice in Australia when it comes to prescription safety glasses. We provide a fusion of functionality, style, and utmost safety in every pair. Our diverse range gives you options for finding your perfect match.

Types of Lenses, Tints and Coatings

Choosing the perfect safety prescription glasses involves knowing what lenses, tints and coatings align with your needs and preferences. Each one has unique functions that may cater to various purposes. 

Lens types:

Lens tints:

  • Clear lenses
  • Sunglasses lenses
  • Polarised lenses
  • Photochromic lenses

Lens coatings:

  • Anti-Scratch Coating
  • Anti-Scratch & Anti-Reflective Coating (Multicoat)
  • Anti-Scratch & Anti-Fog Coating
  • Anti-Scratch, Anti-Reflective & Anti-Fog Coating

Depending on availability, you can customise work safety prescription glasses at Eyesports. Feel free to mix and match lenses, tints, and coatings. 

Beyond crafting safety glasses with a prescription tailored to your eye health, you're also designing a unique accessory that reflects your personality. We're blending practicality and individual style in your protective eyewear.

Dual Benefits of Prescription Safety Glasses

Safety prescription glasses have two main benefits. 

Firstly, they provide vision correction, ensuring the wearer has optimal visual clarity to perform tasks accurately and efficiently. Enhanced vision improves focus and precision, which is essential in various settings. 

Secondly, they offer comprehensive eye protection. People working in potentially harsh environments, such as laboratories and factories, can wear the likes of construction safety prescription glasses to preserve their overall eye health.

Safety prescription glasses can prevent potential eye injuries, safeguarding the eyes against numerous threats such as:

  1. Flying debris or particles
  2. Dust and sand
  3. Excessive light or glare
  4. Harmful UV rays
  5. Blunt impact from objects
  6. Hazards related to specific tasks like angle grinding

In each scenario, the glasses act as a protective barrier, reducing the risk of ocular damage.

Prescription Glasses Made for Safety and Style

Reinforce the idea that these glasses aren't just functional but also fashionable.

Mention the advantage of having safety glasses prescription tailored to individual needs.

Prescription work safety glasses at Eyesports aren't merely functional; they can also be fashionable. You can explore our carefully curated pieces for men and women from different brands and styles. Since we renew our stocks regularly, we're confident you'll find the most sought-after glasses on our shelves today.

But more than style and function, your prescription safety glasses should fit your eyes' unique needs. At Eyesports, you can look good with a fresh pair of glasses without compromising visual clarity and comfort.

Bring Home Eyesports’ Safety Prescription Glasses

Eyesports always keep quality and protection paramount. Elevate your eyewear with our exceptional prescription safety glasses. Order your favourites from our expansive range and protect your eyes from damaging agents you encounter daily.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out — we’re always here to assist you.


Why should you wear prescription safety glasses?

Wearing prescription safety glasses is essential to protect your eyes during hazardous activities or work environments. They provide clear vision while offering crucial eye protection from potential injuries caused by impact, chemicals, or debris.

What standards should safety eyewear meet?

Safety eyewear in Australia should meet the recognised AS/NZS 1337.6 standard. This standard ensures that the glasses provide adequate impact resistance and protection against specific hazards as required by Australian regulations.

Will your prescription fit any pair of frames?

Different prescriptions can be fitted into a wide range of frames; however, not all frames are suitable for every prescription. It depends on the lens thickness, the frame’s shape, and the prescription type. Consult with an optician to find frames that can accommodate your specific prescription.

What are the best frame materials for safety eyewear?

The best frame materials for safety eyewear are lightweight yet durable. Common options include polycarbonate, nylon, and metal alloys like titanium. These materials provide strength, comfort, and resistance to impact, making them ideal for safety glasses.

Can you get prescription safety glasses with multi-focal or progressive lenses?

Yes, it is possible to get prescription safety glasses with multi-focal or progressive lenses. These lenses offer different focal points for near, intermediate, and distance vision. They allow individuals with presbyopia to have clear vision at various distances while wearing their safety glasses.