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Ski and Snow Goggles Australia

A clear view everytime you take to the slopes. EyeSports can help if you’re looking for high quality ski and snow goggles in Australia. Our wide range of products are designed by leading manufacturers for optimal performance and always deliver impressive results. You’ll love everything about the features on offer, including anti fog technology, shatterproof lenses, fully adjustable straps, 100% UV protection and more. Know that EyeSports has you well and truly covered when it comes to ski and snow goggles in Australia. 

Prescription ski goggles

We can fit your favourite ski goggles with prescription lenses to ensure that vision problems never get in the way again. Our expert team can work with all types of custom requests to supply the perfect design for your needs. Whether a seasoned professional or a beginner starting out, the EyeSports range of prescription ski and snow goggles has everything that you need to move with total confidence. Look to us for major brands that are trusted throughout the world including Carve, Adidas and more. Get in touch with our expert team for all manner of prescription goggles and you won’t be disappointed.

Vision challenges while playing snow sports

Enjoying snow sports like skiing or snowboarding can be more challenging for those with vision issues. Snow can obstruct vision and conceal potential hazards such as debris, making navigation and slope safety a concern. Always wear prescription ski goggles when out in the snow. They provide clear, unobstructed vision, helping you identify terrain changes and hidden obstacles. These goggles enhance both the enjoyment and safety of snow sports.

You need ski goggles with prescription lenses for extreme snow activities

Regular glasses aren't suitable for snowboarding or skiing. The struggle of descending a snowy hill wearing glasses under standard goggles is unimaginable. Ski goggles with prescription lenses are designed to provide a seamless blend of vision correction and protection, eliminating the need for multiple eyewear. Prescription snow goggles are a must-have gear for winter sports enthusiasts.

Enhanced snowboarding and skiing experience with our prescription snow goggles in Australia

We understand the critical role of precise vision in winter sports. That's why we offer an exceptional range of snow goggles prescription for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. 

We curate a handpicked collection of prescription ski and snow goggles that ensure nothing blurs your thrilling snow adventures. They provide superior eye protection against the elements and the visual clarity needed for you to slide down the slopes safely. Whether carving through fresh powder or navigating a challenging downhill run, EyeSports ensures your vision is as sharp as your skills.

Our goggles offer high-spec support for enjoying every moment on the slopes without compromising vision, comfort, or adventure. Gear up with EyeSports and see the difference in your performance.

Choosing the Right Prescription Goggles

When choosing snow goggles with a prescription, it’s essential to consider several factors for the best experience on the slopes.

The size of the frame is a critical consideration. It must fit well with your face shape to ensure a snug, comfortable fit. The right frame size prevents gaps that could allow snow and wind to disrupt your vision, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the goggles. The right size also matters when playing other sports like scuba diving, football and baseball.

The colour or tint of the lens is another important factor. Different tints enhance visibility and contrast in various lighting conditions. Selecting a lens tint that aligns with the typical weather and lighting conditions you’ll encounter is crucial for optimal visual clarity.

Lastly, ensuring a good fit is vital. Prescription snow goggles in Australia should cater to your visual needs and fit comfortably for prolonged use. A well-fitting pair of goggles will prevent discomfort and distractions, allowing you to focus on the enjoyment and challenge of skiing or snowboarding.

Carve ski goggles plus more

Products that make a difference. EyeSports is your go-to destination for the latest technology and custom designs in sports-specific eyewear. We pride ourselves on offering an exceptional level of customer service and only deliver quality tested wares to ensure that you get the best. Our selection includes everything from Carve ski goggles to motorcross head protection and tactical eyewear. Know that there’s no request too difficult for our team and that we always go the extra mile for customers throughout Australia and beyond.

Contact us for prescription ski and snow goggles

Get in touch with the friendly team at EyeSports for high grade prescription ski and snow goggles that will make a world of difference to your downhill experience. We use advanced technology and a comprehensive testing process to make sure that you get the best. Contact us for all types of prescription goggle packages plus more.



How do I choose ski/snow goggles?

When choosing ski/snow goggles, consider factors such as fit, ventilation, lens colour and type, and UV protection. It's essential that the goggles fit comfortably over your helmet or hat, and they should provide adequate ventilation to prevent fogging. In addition, the lens type should suit the weather conditions you'll be skiing in; for instance, darker lenses for sunny conditions and lighter ones for cloudy weather. Lastly, ensure that the goggles provide 100% UV protection to safeguard your eyes against harmful rays.

What colour lens is best for ski/snow goggles?

The best lens colour for ski/snow goggles depends on the lighting and weather conditions. Amber, yellow, and gold lenses are ideal for overcast, cloudy, or low-light conditions as they increase contrast and depth perception. On the other hand, brown, grey, and copper lenses are suitable for bright and sunny conditions as they reduce glare and eyestrain.

Can you use sunglasses instead of ski goggles?

While sunglasses can provide some protection from the sun, they are not an ideal substitute for ski goggles. Ski goggles offer a wider field of vision, better peripheral vision, and are securely strapped to your head, preventing them from falling off during activity. They also provide better protection against wind, snow, and harmful UV rays.

How do you stop ski/snow goggles from fogging up?

To prevent your ski/snow goggles from fogging up, ensure they have adequate ventilation. Some goggles come with anti-fog coatings, or you can use anti-fog sprays or wipes. Remember, it's crucial not to wipe the inside of your goggles when they fog as it can damage the anti-fog coating. Instead, allow them to air dry.

Can I wear prescription ski goggles in extreme cold?

Yes, prescription ski goggles can withstand extreme cold conditions. They are made with flexible materials and don't crack in low temperatures, ensuring clear vision and comfort even in harsh winter environments.

How do prescription snow goggles handle fogging?

Prescription snow goggles typically come with anti-fog coatings and adequate ventilation systems. These features work together to reduce moisture build-up inside the goggles, thereby minimising fogging and maintaining clear vision.

Can I get polarised prescription ski goggles from EyeSports?

Yes, EyeSports offers polarised prescription ski goggles. Polarised lenses reduce glare from snow and water surfaces, enhancing visual clarity and reducing eye strain during skiing or snowboarding.

How do I maintain the longevity of my prescription ski goggles?

To maintain the longevity of your prescription ski goggles, store them in a protective case, avoid wiping the inside of the lenses, clean them gently with a suitable cleaner, and keep them away from extreme heat or direct sunlight when not in use.