Eyres Prescription Safety Glasses

As a leading Australian designer and manufacturer of safety eyewear and sunglasses, Eyres is your top choice for reliable and stylish safety glasses. Tested and certified to meet Australian and international safety standards, all Eyres safety glasses can support workers in various workplace settings. In addition, these glasses offer high levels of safety and comfort, making them the perfect option to enhance your work productivity and efficiency.

Choose Eyres prescription safety glasses for unparalleled user experience

Our Eyres collection offers a broad range of glasses options to suit any lifestyle and working space demands, as well as any prescription needs. The ergonomic frame design is created with advanced technology and superior materials to offer maximum comfort and functionality. Paired with a variety of lens materials, coatings, and tints to choose from, Eyres protection glasses should be your top choice for high-quality and versatile eyewear.

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EyeSports offers an excellent selection of affordable and premium prescription safety glasses from popular brands such as Bolle, Ugly Fish, and more. Our extensive online collection is designed to suit various settings, including industrial work, construction jobs, or sports. Whether you’re looking for glasses with women's or men's fits and clear or tinted lenses, rest assured that you can find a suitable pair of glasses at EyeSports. 

To provide a convenient online shopping experience, we offer a 30-day return policy and Australian health insurance coverage for the best eyewear solution at affordable prices. Trust us as your best online source of prescription safety glasses in Australia!