SCUBA Diving Goggles

At depth, every detail counts. Ensure that you maintain the visibility you need to make good decisions with prescription SCUBA diving goggles you can buy here online with EyeSports. We design, manufacture and sell prescription eyewear that can stand up to the rigours of the sports and pursuits you love. 

We understand what it means to have a clear and uninterrupted view while SCUBA diving, free diving or playing water sports. From risk assessment, using instruments and communication, through to the reef, and aquatic wildlife that brought you there in the first place, what you can and can’t see is important.

Prescription Goggles for SCUBA, Free Diving and Water Sports

Divers who normally wear glasses will know; diving goggles tend to present difficulties. If you’ve tried wearing your glasses under your diving goggles, you’ll have experienced the poor seal and discomfort of what qualifies as a good result under that arrangement. Those that have an astigmatism will know the irritation of contact lenses.

Prescription diving goggles are a way to circumvent all of these problems. Our lenses are tough, made from materials that can stand up to any sudden knocks, pressure and drops. They won’t fog up on you, and they’re built into leading brands that the diving community know and love.

Equip yourself with EyeSports and ensure continued clarity and precision at depth where you need it most.