Bolle Prescription Safety Glasses

Bolle safety glasses are a top choice of protective eyewear with an extensive selection of stylish frames and lens colours. Paired with innovative comfort features as well as anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings, safety glasses from Bolle are a versatile solution that caters to your needs while giving you comfort and style. 

As a leading manufacturer of protective eyewear, Bolle offers high levels of safety and comfort through its high quality glasses. All Bolle safety glasses are designed to meet Australian and international safety standards. With the ability to support workers in various workplace settings, rest assured that prescription safety glasses from Bolle will increase your work productivity and efficiency while protecting you from common onsite hazards. 

Choose Bolle Safety Goggles for Excellent, Customisable Features 

Bolle offers a wide range of safety glasses options to suit different work requirements and personal needs. You can request lenses that fit your prescription and pair them with trendy or traditional frames that suit your face shape and work environment. When you use safety glasses from Bolle, you can also enjoy features such as: 

  • Wrap frames that provide a panoramic visual field 
  • Lightweight frames for all-day wear 
  • Polycarbonate co-injected temples for comfort and durability 
  • Adjustable nose bridges and temples 

Shop Online for Bolle Prescription Safety Glasses at EyeSports

EyeSports boasts a wide selection of budget friendly and premium prescription safety glasses from leading brands such as Bolle, or Eyres, all of which are guaranteed to facilitate your work performance. Shop with us and enjoy free shipping for all prescription orders. Combined with our 30-day return policy, you will have an excellent shopping experience at EyeSports. Explore our extensive online catalogue for prescription glasses and goggles for daily use, industrial work, sports, construction jobs, and more. With abundant options in our women’s and men’s section, you can find glasses with clear or tinted lenses; anti-scratch, fog, or reflective coatings; and single, multifocal, or bifocal lenses. Trust us as your best source of online prescription safety glasses in Australia.


Can Bolle prescription safety glasses be used in all work environments?

Yes, Bolle prescription safety glasses are designed to offer protection in various workplace settings, whether it's construction, manufacturing, or laboratory work. However, always ensure the specific model you choose meets the safety standards required for your particular environment.

Are Bolle prescription safety glasses available with different lens coatings?

Absolutely! Bolle offers a range of lens coatings to ensure clear vision and long-lasting durability in different work environments.

Can Bolle safety glasses accommodate all prescription types?

Bolle safety glasses can cater to various prescriptions, including single-vision, bifocal, and multifocal lenses. However, always check with your eyecare professional to confirm your specific requirements.

How do I clean and care for my Bolle prescription safety glasses?

To keep your Bolle safety glasses in optimal condition, clean them regularly using spray cleaners approved for optical use and a glasses cleaning cloth provided. Avoid harsh cleaning agents or abrasive materials, which can damage the lenses or their coatings.

Where can I purchase Bolle prescription safety glasses?

Bolle prescription safety glasses are available to purchase from authorised eyewear retailers, opticians, and online stores. Be sure to buy from trusted sources to guarantee the authenticity and quality of your glasses.