Tactical Eyewear

Tactical prescription eyewear manufactured to ballistics eyewear standards. EyeSports are the manufacturer that can get you equipped with the gear that ensures clarity and precision. Remove the guesswork with tactical prescription eyewear from EyeSports.

Features Without the Fuss

EyeSports design, manufacture and sell eyewear that is made to stand up to the rigours of your pursuits. We use shatterproof polycarbonate that can take any and all of the knocks, drops and impacts you throw at it, or have thrown at you.

Our tactical eyewear options are designed to ensure clear central and peripheral viewing angles, minimal glare, and a secure and comfortable fit. Take the guesswork out of your movements with tactical eyewear you’ve bought online here through EyeSports. 

Buy Tactical, Sports and Protective Eyewear online with EyeSports

EyeSports are the company equipping their customers with the prescription sports and tactical eyewear that lets them push further. Whether it is dirt biking, basketball, airsoft or SCUBA diving, you can find the answer to your prescription eyewear needs here with EyeSport. We have even developed a range of prescription safety glasses for those looking for worksite solutions.

Tactical and ballistics glasses are a proud addition to our range of eyewear products, showcasing the resilience and clarity of our polycarbonate lenses. Shop here online for your pair with EyeSports.