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Asian Fit Sunglasses 

Are you tired of constantly adjusting your sunglasses due to discomfort and poor fit? Say goodbye to those frustrating moments with our range of Asian-fit sunglasses. Our sunglasses are specifically designed to offer a better fit and improved comfort for those with a smaller nose bridge or higher cheekbones. With adjustable nose pads, deeper and wider lenses, rounded temples, and a flatter frame front, trust that our Asian-fit sunglasses will provide the perfect fit. Shop now and experience the comfort and style of our Asian-fit sunglasses at EyeSports Australia!


Experience Superior Comfort With Our Asian Fit Sunglasses

Finding sunglasses that fit correctly is important to ensure maximum comfort and protection. If you have experienced discomfort or poor fit with standard sunglasses, then Asian-fit sunglasses could be the solution. Our Asian-fit sunglasses aren’t exclusive to people of Asian descent; they’re also suitable for anyone with a smaller nose bridge or higher cheekbones.

The main difference between Asian fit and standard fit sunglasses is the design. Asian-fit sunglasses have a modified nose bridge and frame design that accommodates high cheekbones and a flatter facial profile. In addition, the nose pads are also adjustable to provide a customised fit. 


Discover a Wide Range of Asian Fit Sunglasses at EyeSports

At EyeSports, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality eyewear that meets all our customers' needs. Manufactured by top brands like Oakley, Ray-Ban, and Zeina, our selection of Asian fit sunglasses are the perfect solution for your optical needs. We want you to feel confident in your purchase, which is why we offer a full refund on all purchases within 30 days. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is what sets us apart. So, why wait? Shop now and experience a superior online shopping experience at EyeSports for yourself!