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Prescription Cycling Glasses from Australia

Searching for prescription cycling glasses? We have a fantastic range of quality designs that are made right here in Australia.

Our expert team has the experience and industry knowledge to ensure that EyeSports only stocks the finest products that are perfect for your needs. When it comes to prescription cycling glasses, we recommend photochromic lenses that go dark in the sun and are clear otherwise. You will love the capabilities of our models and the top brands that we currently have available. Contact our Australian company today and you won’t be disappointed.


Buy prescription sunglasses for cycling 

Get active with a pair of our sunglasses and you will be in for a clear view. We provide a specialised service to customers who need prescription eyewear for their sporting needs. Whether you are doing laps at the racetrack, taking to the mountains or free riding through the bush, we have got the piece for you. EyeSports will custom fit the perfect lens to suit your needs. We work with a range of brand manufacturers to provide excellent results that always stand up to the demands of extreme conditions. Look to us for Oakley, BBB, Adidas, 7Eye, UglyFish and more. Our gear is tough and durable enough to stand up to any conditions. We promise that you will be more than impressed by what we have to offer when it comes to prescription glasses for cycling.    

Order prescription cycling sunglasses online

We offer total convenience to customers far and wide. Order online and enjoy total peace of mind from the moment that you click the purchase button. We use Australia Post for shipping and delivery and can also accommodate international requests. Our process is quick and simple, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. EyeSports is the best destination for Australian sports sunglasses and prescription motorcycle glasses. 

Choosing the Right Cycling Sunglasses 

The best sunglasses for cycling are specifically designed for the sport, offering enhanced vision, comfort, and protection. They feature anti-fog lenses, adjustable nose pads and temples, and wrap-around designs for better vision and protection. Regular sunglasses may provide UV protection, but they often fall short in comfort and vision-enhancement that are crucial for cycling. Other than that, lens colour should be chosen based on lighting; darker lenses (grey or brown) for sunny days and amber or yellow lenses for overcast or low-light conditions. 

What factors should you consider?

While purchasing a pair of sunglasses specific for the time spent on your bike may seem like a luxury - there are actually many benefits that will have you considering them a necessity.

  • Protection - There are enough dangers associated with cycling, protecting your eyes doesn’t have to be one of them. When wearing a pair of secured and durable sunglasses you can be sure that your eyes are protected from any debris that may fly your way. You also want to ensure your eyes are protected from the sun and with the range of cycling sunglasses from Eyesports including the highest quality UV protection you can be confident your eyes are protected.

  • Clear vision - It might not be practical to wear your everyday prescription glasses when riding your bike so you need a pair that is suitable for physical activity. A range like the cycling collection from Oakley is perfect for ensuring your vision is not compromised whilst reducing the risk of damage to your sunglasses. With features such as adjustable temples to fit beneath a helmet and tailored arms to fit securely to your face - you’re sure to find the perfect pair.

Looking for Bifocal Reader Cycling Glasses?

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Get in touch with the team at EyeSports and we will take care of your prescription needs. We have a wide variety of options for you to choose from that are perfect for all types of sports and activities. Call us today and we will happily answer all your questions.