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Eyesports Prescription Inserts for Motocross/Enduor and Ski/Snow Goggles

Having trouble fitting your prescription glasses under your Motocross goggles? Fogging up as soon as you start to ride? Feeling unsafe due to poor vision when skiing? Eyesports Prescription anti-fog goggle inserts are for you.

Eyesports only uses 100% shatterproof polycarbonate lenses in our quality Goggle Adaptors. Single vision (distance prescription) is best for these prescription inserts. Claim your private health insurance with Eyesports' quality prescription goggle inserts.

Fog can diminish the vision of spectacle wearers and can arise in many situations. Professionals who frequently move from hot to cold environments or are required to wear masks or helmets often experience foggy lenses. Pursuing outdoor activities or even day-to-day chores such as cooking can also mean dealing with reduced visibility. Optifog® lenses offer an optimized solution to the inconvenience of fog.