When you’re riding or playing outdoor sport, you come across changing temperatures. When you stop or start, or take a break, you can heat up. With cooler air around you, fogging can form on your goggles or glasses. Fogging is simply moisture from the air that condenses and forms droplets on your lenses. The closer these droplets are to each other, the cloudier your lenses appear. This makes it hard to see, especially when you’re moving around.  Imagine having to constantly take off your glasses or goggles to wipe them. If you’ve ever had fogging, you’ll know how frustrating it feels.

So how do you fix fogging?

You may have tried many DIY options for trying to get rid of fogging. There's lots of sprays, liquids and even shampoo. But it’s rare to find something that holds up and really works. The best solution we've found is Optifog. Optifog lenses are a patented anti-fog technology by Essilor.   

How does Optifog work?

Optifog comes in two parts- built into the lenses, and a cloth impregnated with special solution The two parts work together to make the surface of the lenses more hydrophilic (‘water loving’).  Most normal glasses have a hydro-phobic coating (i.e. anti-reflective) to reduce reflections. This is why your normal glasses fog up easily in your goggles or your helmet. With Optifog, when the temperature changes, water droplets are attracted to the lens surface. This means that the condensation spreads out evenly over the lens surface. 

How do we know that Optifog works?

We put a pair of Optifog lenses, wiped them with the Optifog activator cloth, and left the lenses in a freezer for several days. When we took them out, they wouldn’t fog up. The lenses looked as clear as when we put them in! 

If you want to see better, and feel safer, we strongly recommend Optifog coating for all sports applications including:

  • Ski/Snowboarding Goggles
  • Motocross/Enduro Goggles
  • Cycling Glasses
  • Sports Glasses
Most people choose Optifog lenses with 100% impact-resistant Polycarbonate or Trivex material.  This means that you’re eyes are protected if you have an accident. Optifog lenses are available online. You can also purchase Optifog activator cloth on our website.