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OnGuard Safety Glasses

Prescription Safety Glasses in Australia

OnGuard is a longtime trusted brand. OnGuard by Hilco is an American made company that prides itself on quality and durability. These safety glasses can withstand everything you throw at them. They have demonstrated their ability of innovativeness and uncompromising quality throughout the years, so you can feel safe knowing your eye health is in good hands with OnGuard safety glasses.

The Benefits of Wearing Safety Glasses 

Wearing safety glasses is important for keeping our eyes safe. They help guard against harmful things like dust, dirt, chemicals, or objects that might hurt our eyes while working or doing fun activities. These glasses also protect from damaging UV rays, helping to keep our eyes healthy. Plus, many safety glasses can be fitted with prescription lenses, so you can see clearly while staying protected. Simply put, investing in safety glasses is a smart move for our eye health and safety.

Buy OnGuard Prescription Safety Glasses Online

Time for new OnGuard prescription glasses? No problem, our professional and experienced team of opticians at EyeSports can help you with a new pair of prescription safety glasses. 

At EyeSports, we understand that your vision is precious and deserves the best protection. Whether you're working in a challenging environment or engaging in high-impact activities, we have you covered with OnGuard's impeccable range of prescription safety glasses.

We are real people who sell safety glasses online, as well as in our shop in Colac.

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