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Ray-Ban Prescription Glasses

Discover Eyesports’ collection of Ray-Ban sunglasses, including classic frames and variations to match your style: from Aviator and round eyeglasses to the Wayfarer selection available online. 

A true representation of timeless style, each pair provides a remarkable blend of iconic design and exceptional functionality. Our Ray-Ban frames are meticulously crafted to accommodate prescription lenses without compromising style. Explore our range of Ray-Ban glasses, the perfect accessory to complement your style and enhance your vision. Available with authentic Ray-Ban prescription lenses, order prescription Ray-Ban Sunglasses from Eyesports today!

The perfect blend of unique frames and unmatched quality 

Ray-Ban prescription sunglasses are more than just eyewear; they’re a lifestyle statement. We offer a vast range of Ray-Ban frames in our collection. From timeless classics to contemporary styles, there’s a frame for every personality and face shape. Whether you prefer the sophisticated wayfarer, the edgy aviator, or the iconic clubmaster, our Ray-Ban collection caters to every taste. Unleash your individuality with Ray-Ban glasses and see the world in a new light.

Choose EyeSports to shop Ray-Ban sunglasses in Australia 

Discover the perfect blend of comfort, functionality, and design with our collection of Ray-Ban prescription sunglasses. Our Ray-Ban sunnies provide not only top-notch UV protection, but also the chance to incorporate your vision needs into a stylish accessory. Experience the difference of wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses because you deserve the perfect fusion of style and vision clarity. Step out in confidence, knowing you’re shielded by the best with a pair of Ray-Bans from our extensive collection.


What are the numbers on Ray-Ban sunglasses? 

The numbers on Ray-Ban sunglasses typically represent the model number, lens width, and bridge size. This information helps ensure you select a pair that fits you perfectly.

Are Ray-Bans good quality?

Yes, Ray-Ban sunglasses are renowned for their exceptional quality. They feature durable frames and high-quality lenses, and offer excellent UV protection. Their timeless designs are also a testament to their superior craftsmanship.

Are Ray-Bans sunglasses polarised?

Ray-Ban offers both polarised and non-polarised sunglasses. Polarised sunglasses are designed to reduce glare from surfaces like water and glass, making them an excellent option for driving or outdoor activities.

How to clean my Ray-Ban sunglasses?

To clean your Ray-Ban sunglasses, gently remove dust and dirt with a soft lens cloth. For deeper cleaning, always rinse the glasses under lukewarm or cold tap water and a lens cleaning solution. After that, dry them with a clean, lint-free cloth. Avoid using chemicals or abrasive materials to prevent damage to the lenses.