Womens Prescription Safety Glasses

Our women’s prescription safety glasses are specifically designed to fit smaller faces, making them the perfect gear that offers maximum comfort and protection. In addition, our range of women’s safety glasses is made with innovative technology and high-quality materials to enhance your work productivity and efficiency without compromising your prescription requirements. Our glasses are also designed, tested, and certified to meet Australian and international safety standards. So rest assured that you can wear our safety glasses to support various industrial work, construction jobs, or sports activities. 

Discover safety glasses with stylish frames and functional features

Our prescription safety glasses come in various frame designs and colours to provide you with stylish options while staying practical. Browse our online collection and choose a pair of glasses with a precise fit that matches your personal style at the same time. In addition to our regular designs, we also offer safety glasses with side shields to provide additional protection. The side shields on your glasses minimise the risks of unwanted debris flying to your eyes through the gaps on the sides of the glasses.

Prescription safety glasses designed for women

Our collection of women's prescription safety glasses blends style with functionality. Understanding that women engage in diverse roles, we curated glasses that cater to various settings. We ensure that our range offers a stylish aesthetic without compromising the functional aspects essential for protection and clear vision. Whether in a professional environment, engaging in active sports, or pursuing a hobby, our glasses ensure women have choices that keep up with their lifestyle.

Our women's prescription safety glasses adhere to rigorous safety standards and certifications, ensuring each pair meets the highest levels of protection and quality. Our eyewear collection features advanced lens technology for superior vision, frames built for strength and longevity, and designs focused on ultimate comfort.

Personalised choices for women’s prescription safety glasses

When selecting women's prescription safety glasses, it's not just about quality and performance; finding a pair that looks and feels good is equally important. Start by choosing the right size for a comfortable fit, as glasses that are too tight or loose can be distracting. Consider the style that complements your face shape and personal taste. Clear frames help brighten the face while darker colours give off a sharper appearance.

Additionally, explore our lens options, including tints and coatings, to suit your specific work or hobby needs. The best women's prescription safety glasses make you feel confident while providing optimal eye protection.

At EyeSports, we're committed to offering a diverse range of high quality, stylish prescription safety glasses. Our collection is designed with both functionality and fashion in mind, catering to women’s unique needs and preferences. Trust in EyeSports' expertise and dedication to safety and style, ensuring you get the best eyewear experience tailored for you.

Buy high-quality prescription safety glasses for women online 

You can rely on EyeSports as your best source of high-quality safety glasses with maximum protection, durability, and practicality. Explore our excellent selection of prescription safety glasses and discover glasses from leading brands such as Bolle, Eyres, Ugly Fish, and more. Designed to suit various work environments, you can take advantage of our glasses for any industrial work, construction job, or sports activity. 

Any purchase at EyeSports comes with Australian warranties, and a returns policy to provide you with the best online shopping experience. Return any unused item within 30 days of purchase for a full refund or exchange. Don’t forget to claim your glasses for an insurance rebate - we cover all Australian health insurance funds to provide you with the best eyewear solutions at affordable prices. 


Is there a size difference between men and women's safety prescription glasses?

Yes, there is often a size difference. Women's prescription safety glasses are typically designed with a slightly smaller frame size to better fit the average female facial structure. This ensures a snugger, more comfortable fit, and effective protection.

What are recommended shapes for women's prescription glasses?

Recommended shapes for women's prescription glasses include oval, cat-eye, and rectangular frames. These shapes tend to complement the softer facial features commonly found in women, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and the fit of the glasses.

How can I measure my face for women's prescription safety glasses online?

To measure your face for glasses online, use a ruler to measure the width of your face from temple to temple. Check this measurement against the frame dimensions listed online to find a suitable size. 

How are prescription safety glasses different from tactical eyewear?

Prescription safety glasses are primarily designed for workplace safety and vision correction, featuring impact-resistant materials and often complying with specific safety standards. In contrast, tactical eyewear is geared towards military and law enforcement use, focusing on enhanced durability, ballistic protection, and sometimes additional features like night vision compatibility.

How do I clean and maintain my prescription safety glasses?

Clean your prescription safety glasses using a lens cleaner and a microfiber cloth to avoid scratches. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials. Store them in a protective case when not in use to maintain their condition and prolong their lifespan.