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Prescription swimming goggles are essential for visual clarity in water. Traditional glasses may be less functional underwater, necessitating you to rely on specialised eyewear. Eyesports is the best stop in Australia for superior quality eyewear that keeps your vision clear while doing watersports, scuba diving and other similar activities. Choose Eyesports for exceptional underwater visual support.

Whether you are fishing, deep-sea diving, snowboarding or anything in between, we are the people to speak with. Our friendly team are experienced manufacturers and always go above and beyond to ensure that you get the perfect product for your needs. We know a thing or two about watersports glasses and will happily work with your requirements for a great outcome. Call EyeSports today and let’s get the ball rolling.

The need for prescription swimming goggles

Prescription watersports glasses, like swimming goggles, are vital for water safety and navigation. They are not ordinary accessories, as they safeguard swimmers by enhancing underwater clarity and focus. Whenever engaging in aquatic activities, always keep prescription swim goggles with you.  

People with vision problems can struggle when playing watersports. Without prescription swim goggles, identifying objects or people is tough, raising collision risks. Regular eyewear isn’t suitable as it may fog up or get dislodged.

Clear vision underwater with prescription goggles for swimming enhances safety, navigation precision, and overall performance. These goggles ensure better awareness of surroundings, facilitating accurate distance judgement and smoother manoeuvres.

Features of prescription swim goggles

Eyesports' prescription goggles for swimming have the following exceptional features that redefine underwater vision and comfort: 

  • High-quality lenses ensure impeccable clarity
  • Anti-fog properties maintain a clear view, preventing condensation
  • UV protection shields eyes from harmful rays, enhancing eye safety. 
  • An ergonomic design ensures a secure fit and unmatched comfort, elevating your swimming experience by eliminating distractions and allowing impeccable focus.
  • Comparatively, regular goggles do not compare to prescription swim goggles. They lack personalised vision correction. These glasses offer a generic visual aid that doesn't cater to individual optical needs. 

Prescription goggles, however, are tailored, providing precise vision enhancements that improve performance and safety, proving indispensable for an optimised swimming experience.

Buy prescription watersports glasses online   

We boast a wide selection of prescription watersports glasses that are guaranteed to meet any challenge that you throw at them. Look to us for quality products that are fitted right here in Australia from our Colac facility. Browse online to view our full range which includes brands such as DirtyDog and Barz. Our team are industry leaders and works alongside the best equipment and manufacturing process to ensure that everything we stock is amongst the finest in the world. We take eye safety seriously and trust that you will be more than satisfied with your purchase. EyeSports also has a variety of options to suit the budgets of customers both big and small.

Check out our Oakley safety sunglasses if you need something that will keep your eyes well and truly protected when you are out on the water this summer. We can also make prescription goggles to suit your particular vision needs. Getting a clear view is easy when you work with the friendly and reliable team at EyeSports.

Amazing Service

We work hard to meet the expectations of our customers. Put your trust in the team at EyeSports and you will soon have a fine pair of prescription watersports glasses arriving at your door. We use Australia Express Post for shipping and delivery and offer free shipping for all prescription orders. Once your order has been processed, expect a confirmation email with your customer number that allows you to track the progress of your product. EyeSports also offers a full refund on items purchased within 30 days for total peace of mind. We trust that you will appreciate our service and keep coming back for all of your prescription watersports glasses needs.

View our complete range of products online or speak directly with the team at EyeSports today.

Dive into Eyesport’s prescription swimming goggles collection

Quality prescription watersports glasses are indispensable for visual clarity and safety. Discover and shop your eyewear essentials at EyeSports, where quality meets precision. Elevate your watersports experience—order now for exceptional vision and unparalleled performance underwater!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right prescription swim goggles for my needs?

Select goggles that match your eyeglass prescription closely.

If you are unsure about your prescription or if your prescription has a "cylinder power" aspect, you may need assistance in choosing your goggle power. If you provide us with a prescription, our on-site optometrists can help you select the intensity that best suits your needs. Alternatively, you can ask your local optometrist for your "best-vision sphere".

Can I use my prescription goggles for swimming in saltwater?

Yes, you can use prescription goggles in saltwater. Ensure they are rinsed with fresh water immediately after use to prevent damage.

How do I care for and maintain my prescription swimming goggles?

Rinse goggles with fresh water after each use and allow them to air dry. Avoid touching or wiping the inside of the lenses to maintain the anti-fog coating. Also, refrain from using hot water because it damages the lenses and lens coatings.

Are prescription swimming goggles available for both short-sightedness and long-sightedness?

Yes, prescription swimming goggles cater to both myopia (short-sightedness) and hyperopia (long-sightedness), offering various diopter strengths for correction.

Can children use prescription swimming goggles?

Absolutely, prescription swimming goggles are available in sizes and prescriptions suitable for children, ensuring clear vision and comfort while swimming.