ProGear H20 RX-ABLE Swimming Goggles Large (adults)

$138.00 AUD
By Progear

Please ensure you have made a selection for each option

Can't find an "off the shelf" prescription swimming goggle that suits your prescription power? Want the closest prescription to your everyday glasses in a fully customised swim goggle? Have astigmatism? ProGear H20 Rx-Able prescription swimming goggles can be fitted with your exact prescription just like your regular glasses (single vision only). We fit each lens (right and left) exactly to your specified prescription for the clearest vision possible. Clear lenses only available. 


The ProGear H20 Rx-Able Swim Goggle –  recommended prescription range +6.00 sphere with cylinder (cyl) up to -3.00 or -11.00 sphere with cylinder (cyl) up to -3.00. They are available in three different colours options.  (Purple, Blue or Smoke)

It is possible to order a different prescription for each eye.

If your prescription is outside this range please contact us on 1300 393 626 or for further advice. 

Features include:
  • Hydrophobic Lens Coating to repel water and minimise fogging
  • Larger sizing suitable for adults and those who require a larger field of view
  • Eye seals and strap are made of hypo-allergenic, latex free silicone
  • Supplied with 3 nasal bridge sizes
  • Neoprene storage pouch
Large Lens Dimensions 

  • Available in Prescription
  • Claim your Private Health Rebate
  • Risk-free Guarantee: 30-day moneyback guarantee
  • Free Express Shipping for all prescription orders within Australia