Gator Junior Prescription Swimming Goggles

$120.00 AUD
By Gator

Please ensure you have made a selection for each option

Gator Prescription Swimming Goggles are available in selected prescriptions. Only chose a prescription option if you are confident that it is your approximate prescription. If you are unsure, you can provide your prescription and Eyesports can decide which option is most suitable. However, if your prescription is outside of the selected range, this will not be suitable.

The Gator goggles have an anti-fog coating, making them ideal for clear vision even with changes in air or water temperature.  The goggles are made from plastic polycarbonate and each lens is tinted. The straps, seals and bridge of the goggles are all made from silicone.

The straps are available in a variety of colours : black, blue, green or pink.

Rinse the goggles in cold water after each use. Never wipe the goggles, or this will result in reduced protection and visual quality.

Available in both plus & minus prescription.

Available in grey tinted only.

Plus Powers: +1.00 / +2.00 / +3.00 / +4.00 / +5.00 / +6.00 / +7.00 / +8.00

Minus Powers: -1.50 / -2.00 / -2.50 / -3.00 / -3.50 / -4.00 / -4.50 / -5.00 / -5.50 / -6.00