Carve Summit - Various Colours - Prescription Insert Compatible

$179.99 AUD
By Carve

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Quality prescription goggle inserts with premium anti-fog coating;

  • 100% Impact Resistant Lenses
  • Available in Prescription
  • Claim your Private Health Rebate
  • Risk-free Guarantee: 30-day moneyback guarantee
  • Free Express Shipping for all prescription orders within Australia
  • Medium - narrow face
  • Italian anti-fog lens
  • Iridium coating
  • Magnetic Interchangeable Lens technology
  • 100% - UV Protection
  • Hypoallergenic Microfleece Layer
  • Armoured Venting
  • Triple-layer custom fit foam
  • Helmet compatible
  • Adjustable strap
  • Silicone anti-slip print waves on the strap
  • Category 0,1,2 & 3

SUMMIT is a peak performance Dual Lens Pack goggle featuring Magnetic Interchangeable Lens technology which comes with one All-Round lens and a bonus Low-Light lens. This Cylindrical Series Lens goggle is perfect for bright sunny or overcast days.

Carve supplies a wide range of snow goggles. Their snow goggles range takes a contemporary approach to snow gear. Utilising the latest technology with timeless Carve styling, their snow goggles are built to perform and sold at affordable prices. Their extensive range of snow goggles is tailored around mountain conditions and unique styles to help you accessorise your look. The Carve team believe that style, comfort, and variety are what makes our snow goggles your ideal pair for the mountain this winter!

Carve is an international surf wear brand that grew from humble beginnings in Australia. Now as a multinational brand, their sunglasses, clothing, wetsuits, swimwear, snow gear and accessories are sold in hundreds of stores across the world! They are driven by passion to design great products at affordable prices! This has been at the core of their businesses proposition since they begun over 20 years ago. Carve is dedicated to delivering exceptional products made from high quality materials!

Care Instructions

Eyewear is a big part of an active outdoor lifestyle, so they can often be susceptible to wear and tear. Here are a few tips to take care of your eyewear:

Always store your eyewear in the pouch provided & always use a microfibre cleaning cloth conveniently Do not wipe the lenses when dry as small particles or debris on the lenses may cause scratches. Do not use chemicals to clean lenses or frames, C A R V E lens cleaning solution is recommended.

Avoid contact with cosmetics, sunscreens, hairspray, and perfume which can damage the anti-reflective lens coating and frame coating. Avoid extreme heat, it will break down the protective lens coating.

Do not leave your eyewear in a hot vehicle, especially on the dashboard as the windscreen will intensify the heat. Do not submerge in water as it can damage the anti-reflective lens coating.

Avoid wearing eyewear on the top of your head as it can warp, crack or break the frame.

Never place your eyewear lenses face down onto any surface.