XplorRx, the state-of-the-art cycling eyewear designed by the Cycling Glasses Australia/Eyesports Australia team. With dedicated cyclists in mind, these extraordinary glasses are crafted to boost your performance and take your riding adventure to new heights, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions or terrain challenges.

Photochromic Lenses

Photochromic cycling lenses are like magic glasses for riders. They stay clear when you're indoors or in the shade but darken when you ride out into the sun, acting as built-in sunglasses to shield your eyes from intense sunlight. When you head back indoors or into less bright areas, they quickly become clear again. Adaptable eyewear for your cycling adventures!

Near-invisible Round Bifocals

Round segment bifocals in cycling glasses are a special type of lens designed for riders. They have a small, round-shaped area near the bottom of the lens, which is barely visible to others, which allows you to read your bike computer, smart watch or maps. The rest of the lens is non-prescription, meaning you see the road clearly without having to take these glasses off again. These lenses allow cyclists to keep an eye on their surroundings while easily checking their bike data without switching glasses, making for a safer and more convenient ride.