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Comfort and Clarity – Dirt Biking Goggles

If you have a passion for motocross and you wear glasses, you’ll already know exactly why you’re here. Getting your everyday glasses to fit comfortably under your goggles is nigh on impossible. And while they’re there, keeping them from fogging up is another matter entirely. 

EyeSports design and manufacture prescription lenses and inserts that take the complexity out of seeing the section ahead. We’ve designed our products to fit perfectly with premium dirt bike goggle brands like 100%, Spy, Scott, and made our lenses tough enough to keep up with the pace you set.

Buy Prescription Sports Eyewear with EyeSports

Maybe you aren’t looking for dirt bike goggles so much as you’re looking for prescription motorcycle sunglasses perfect for riding your street bike. At EyeSports, we’ve got the full spectrum of prescription sports eyewear covered.