What is a PD measurement?

A PD (pupillary distance) measurement is the distance, in millimeters from pupil to pupil when the eyes are focussed in the distance. (A near PD is specifically for when your eyes are focussing on a closer object, such as a book. Near PDs are only used for reading glasses). PD’s for adults usually sit between 56mm and 70mm.


Where do I get my PD measurement from?

**PD measurements from optometrists tend to be a lot more accurate than self-measurements. If this is not available, there are alternatives… Eyesports trusts the app EyeMeasure for accurate PD results (only available for Apple iPhoneX or newer). Other apps are variable in their accuracy and the vast majority are not trusted for appropriate PD measurements.

Can I measure my PD myself?

1. Stand approximately 20cm from a mirror, glasses off if possible. 2. Hold a ruler (with millimeters) on your face, just above your eyes.

2. Close your right eye and align the 0mm line on the ruler with the centre of your left pupil.

3. Making sure to hold the ruler perfectly still, close your left eye and open your right eye. Read the number aligned with the centre of your right pupil.


 4. Repeat this measurement another 2 or 3 times to ensure accuracy.   (note: it is very important to follow these steps exactly. If you take a measurement with both eyes open, this will be your near PD only and will not be accurate for distance or multifocal spectacles)