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These products are only available to infection control personnel, during the COVID19 Pandemic. Roles such as: Paramedics, Nurses, Doctors, Surgeons, etc.

For the use of infection control during the COVID19 Pandemic, these products will include CR39 lenses, which are not safety certified, as polycarbonate lenses are, but are much less susceptible to damage from cleaning/disinfection with alcohol-based products.


Reveal your charming personality that dry eyes has concealed for so long. Curvy yet refined, this style will give you the protection and comfort you desire without the feeling and look of wearing goggles.

Medium to large sized head

To find the right size and fit, it is important to consider the curvature of your eyebrow bone & cheek bone. The various facial anatomies are the main factors to be considered on how the eyecup will work to offer a complete seal around the orbit of your eyes. Traditional sizing or fitting of a fashion frame does not necessarily pertain.

  • The silicone eyecup retains eye moisture.
  • 360° Bendable Temples allow adjustments for a secure seal.
  • Spring hinges allow for a more comfortable fitting.

Padded Dry Eye Glasses with removable silicon eye cup.

Wear them on a windy, dusty day. Take them out on a calm day.

 Jeremy Gleeson, Victoria-  “These 7Eye frames are very comfortable under your helmet”

Just like goggles. Blocks Wind, Dust, Debris and UV

Rev. John Macmahon, Victoria - “You don’t have to pull over to get any grit out of your eyes”

Photochromic Lenses lenses that darken with sunlight, and then go clear with dim light

Brett Williamson, Victoria “With Photochromic, you can put these on before sunrise and get home when it’s dark”

100% Impact resistant lenses- Protect Your Eyes

We only use 100% impact resistant lenses in 7Eye products

John Duynhoven, Victoria "These protect your eyes with their shatterproof lenses"


How do the Padded Motorcycle Glasses work?

Answer: These Goggles work by forming a close seal around your eyes. This prevents wind, dust, grit and pollen getting in your eyes. It also retains more of your eyes’ natural tears. This makes your eyes comfortable all day on your ride.

Can I get these in Prescription?

Answer: Yes, you can order these in Distance lenses, bifocals or multifocal lenses. You can get them tinted, polarised or photochromic.

Can I claim my Private Health Rebate on these?

Answer: You can also use your Private Health Rebate for these. Pay for these at checkout. Then send a copy of your receipt to your Private Health Insurer. They'll send you your rebate directly.

How long do Prescription Orders take to arrive at my door?

Generally, prescription orders are shipped via Express Post within 2-3 weeks from when you order

How do I remove the gasket?

Here’s a short video showing how to remove the gasket:

Is the Padding replaceable?

Answer: Yes, the padding is replaceable. We recommend changing the padding after heavy use, so that you get the best coverage around your eye sockets.

Are these safety certified?

Our 7Eye Sunglasses come with 100% impact resistant lenses. They will protect your eyes from debris, rocks and other stuff from hitting your eyes. However, they are not certified as safety glasses.

Are the lenses 100% UV resistant?

Answer: Yes, our lenses are 100% UV resistant

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