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Protecting your eyes at work or while engaging in hobbies is crucial, but more than standard safety glasses might be required when you require vision correction. Enter multifocal prescription safety glasses, combining essential eye protection with the clarity of multifocal lenses.

Why Choose Multifocal Safety Glasses?

Whether you're a carpenter meticulously measuring wood, a mechanic diagnosing car parts, or a painter wielding a brush, clear vision across multiple distances is paramount. Multifocal safety glasses provide seamless transitions between near, intermediate, and far vision, eliminating the need for switching between glasses. This enhanced visual clarity boosts your:

  • Performance: See details effortlessly, leading to improved accuracy and efficiency.
  • Comfort: Reduce eye strain and fatigue associated with constant focus adjustments.
  • Safety: React promptly to potential hazards at any distance, minimising risks.

EyeSports: Safety Standards With Innovation

At EyeSports, we don't compromise on safety or quality. Our multifocal safety glasses exceed Australian Standards (AS/NZS 1337), ensuring they withstand the demands of various environments. Plus, we offer:

  • Advanced lens technology: Choose from impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses with anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings for superior protection and clarity.
  • Durable frames: Opt for lightweight yet robust frames from materials like nylon, designed to handle tough conditions.
  • Wide range of styles: Find the perfect balance between safety and style with our diverse frames suitable for every profession and preference.

Finding Your Multifocal Safety Glasses

Choosing the right prescription strength is vital. Consult your eye doctor for an accurate assessment and discuss your needs and working environment. For optimal comfort and safety, ensure your frames fit securely and comfortably without obstructing your peripheral vision.

Caring For Your Multifocal Safety Glasses

Take care of your multifocal safety glasses as much as they care for you. This will allow it to stay durable for a long time.

  • Regularly use a lens cleaner and microfibre to maintain your lenses, specifically for safety glasses.
  • Store them in a protective case when not in use.
  • Avoid exposing them to chemicals or heat.

Shop at Eye Sports

Visit Eye Sports to discover the benefits of multifocal safety glasses. Our collection features diverse styles and designs to cater to your preferences. Find the perfect pair to enhance your safety gear. 

Besides multifocal safety glasses, we also offer prescription safety glasses and bifocal safety glasses.

Shop now and experience clarity and protection in any environment with our multifocal lenses. 


Are multifocal safety glasses comfortable? 

Yes! With proper fitting and frame selection, they offer comfort comparable to regular glasses.

Can I customise my prescription safety glasses? 

Yes, we offer a variety of lens tints and coatings to cater to specific needs.