Anti fog Glasses: Progear Anti-fog Gel

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Anti Fog Glasses

Do your glasses keep fogging up with a mask on? Got to keep adjusting your glasses constantly?

Save hassle when you wear a mask to work, shop or walk outside.

Forget using tape or smeary liquid on your glasses.

Join hundreds of people using our tested anti-fog cloth.

How do you use it?

Step 1- Clean your glasses.

Step 2- Wipe them with a small amount of Progear Anti-fog gel

Step 3- Enjoy fog free vision all day.

How does Anti-fog work?

Most normal glasses have a hydro-phobic coating (i.e. anti-reflective) to reduce reflections.

But water droplets in the air are attracted to your glass lens surface.

This is why your normal glasses fog up easily with a mask.

The Progear Anti-fog Gel makes the surface of your glasses more hydrophilic (‘water loving’).

This means that the condensation spreads out evenly over the lens surface.

Who is Progear Anti-fog Gel for?

Anti-fog Gel might be a good fit for you if:

    • You wear a mask to go out

    • You work in a hot environment (e.g. cooking)

    • You go in and out of freezers all day

    • You play sports or do cycling

    • You're tired of wiping your glasses constantly

How often should I use the Progear Anti-fog Gel?

We recommend using your Progear Anti-fog Gel daily. Depending on how wet your glasses get (e.g. rain or mist), you may get longer than one day with fog resistance.

If your lenses get dirty from normal use, clean first and then re-use Progear Anti-fog Gel.

How much is the Progear Anti-fog Gel?

Progear Anti-fog Gel packs are $25 including free shipping in Australia via Australia Post.


I need more fog resistance. Can I get Prescription Anti-fog lenses?

Optifog lenses are made to work together with the Optifog Activator cloth. Together with the cloth, they give the highest level of fogging resistance available. We do Prescription Optifog lenses for everyday glasses. This includes single vision or multifocal lenses.

Love sports like:

    • Ski/Snowboarding

    • Motocross/Enduro

    • Cycling- Road or Mountain Biking

    • Ball Sports

We strongly recommend Optifog coating for all sports activities. Whenever you move around, your glasses won't fog up.

Most people choose Prescription Optifog Lenses with 100% impact-resistant Polycarbonate or Trivex material.  This means that you’re eyes are protected if you have an accident.

Prescription Optifog lenses are the best anti fog glasses available.