Dive into a new, clearer underwater experience with EyeSports’ prescription swimming goggles. Specifically designed for individuals who value both sight clarity and performance in their aquatic activities, our goggles are your trusted companion in and around the water.

See the underwater world in high-definition

Ever wondered what it’s like to have crystal-clear vision underwater? Prescription swimming goggles are exactly what they sound like – swimming goggles tailored to your specific vision prescription. They’re an absolute game-changer for those who struggle with their sight in water, turning a blurry swim into a vivid underwater adventure. 

At EyeSports, we understand that every swimmer has unique needs, and that’s why our prescription swimming goggles are customised to suit your vision. Our goggles are not only purpose-built for precision, but they are also comfortable, stylish and come in various designs. With our prescription swimming goggles, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: enhanced vision and an improved swimming experience.

Shop prescription swimming goggles in Australia with EyeSports 

Remember, a great swimming experience begins with a great vision. At EyeSports, we care about your comfort and vision clarity. Our prescription swimming goggles are designed to offer you exactly that. So, don’t let blurry vision hamper your passion for swimming.


What do I look for when buying swimming goggles? 

When choosing the best swimming goggles, consider the fit, comfort, lens type (clear or tinted), and of course, the prescription. Ensure the goggles seal well around your eyes to prevent water leakage.

What makes good swimming goggles? 

Consideration of fit is vital when choosing goggles – they should be snug but not overly tight. Match the lens tint to your swimming location, whether indoor or outdoor. Lastly, ensure the goggles have anti-fog properties for clear underwater vision.

How to keep swim goggles from fogging? 

At EyeSports, our swim goggles come with an anti-fog coating. But for extra prevention, try anti-fog sprays. 

How do I fit swim goggles properly? 

First, adjust the strap so the goggles sit comfortably on your eye sockets without discomfort. The goggles should form a suction around your eyes – if they stick for a moment without the strap, they’re likely a good fit.