Why does Mason Cox wear glasses?

Mason Cox was in the ruck contesting a ball with Suns ruckman Peter Wright in 2019. He suffered a poke to the eye. He previously had a torn retina in the other eye after an on-field accident in 2018.

Mason struggled to play in 2019 and only had seven AFL games. He faced having no contract for the 2022 AFL season.

Mason was legally blind for a short time in 2019. He underwent six different eye surgeries, three on his left eye and two on the right eye. He also had cataract surgery.

During the recovery, Mason had to sit in a dark room for two weeks laying on his back. For forty-five minutes of every hour, he had to lay on his back and unable to read or look at his phone.

Mason’s Eye Specialists were able to do a great job in repairing his torn retinae.

However, he suffers with significant glare with bright lights.

Around Australia, football stadium lights can be a real problem; especially as lighting can be everywhere you look, rather than just certain light towers.

Herald Sun 9th Sept 2022 featuring Mason Cox and Eyesports

(Tap here to read article featuring Mason Cox [from Herald Sun 9th September 2022]

Why Mason reached out to Eyesports and John Carbury

Mason worked with John Carbury, owner of Eyesports in Colac, Victoria. Mason found a comfortable pair of Prescription Sports Glasses.

John Carbury and Mason Cox trying different glasses

(Image: Eyesports' Heidi, John Carbury and Collingwood's Mason Cox at Colac Central Reserve)

In February 2022, the AFL approved Mason’s sports glasses to wear during games.

These sports glasses helped Mason to see and reduce glare from stadium lights. Now, Mason can see again without struggling with glare

Mason's sports glasses were stolen from his apartment on Friday 26th August.

John Carbury from Eyesports made several brand new pairs. John delivered the glasses in person to Mason, just in time for his finals game the following day.

The photo below was taken with John Carbury hand delivering glasses to Mason:

Bassirou Faye. John Carbury and Mason Cox

(Image: Collingwood's Bassirou Faye, Eyesport's John Carbury and Collingwood's Mason Cox at Collingwood's AIA Training Centre

Mason has enjoyed a great 2022 AFL Season. Collingwood reached the Semi-Finals. Mason personally had several standout matches.

Watch Mason Cox's highlights in Collingwood’s win over Melbourne:

In June 2022, Mason became an Australian Citizen at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

We are excited to see Mason enjoying the sport that he loves!

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