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Basketball Prescription Safety Goggles 

Basketball can get intense; whether you're on the offence or trying to defend your opposing team, the threat of injury is ever-present. Because of this, eye protection is always essential, especially if you wear glasses regularly. Our range of Basketball prescription safety goggles and glasses will ensure your vision won't be compromised, no matter how much you move around on the court. 

Our range of prescription safety goggles for basketball meet all required ASTM F803 and safety standards to provide a complete sense of protection. Made with comfort and coverage in mind, our basketball glasses and goggles have a comfortable wrap-around lens that will give you clear vision and protection from all angles. With stylish and sturdy designs for adults and children, our range of basketball prescription goggles will make you feel the difference in your performance. 

At EyeSports, our warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear, including but not limited to scratched lenses, accidental damage, misuse, and other issues determined by Eyesports not to be a manufacturer's defect.


1. Are basketball goggles prescription?

Most basketball goggles have a prescription in place, to ensure that your eyes and vision are protected. All prescription basketball goggles will follow ASTM F803 standards to ensure this. Prescription basketball glasses should always meet these standards to ensure eye safety in all conditions.

2. Are glasses allowed in basketball?

While it is allowed and you can wear glasses when playing basketball, it is important to be wearing the right type of eyewear to avoid any possible eye injuries throughout your game. It's also important to ensure your glasses don’t get in the way of your performance. Investing in a pair of sports spectacles or basketball prescription safety goggles that are impact-resistant are recommended.

3. How do you protect your glasses when playing basketball?

Basketball goggles offer protection for your eyes against accidental pokes and elbows, but are often used to keep prescription glasses from being damaged or falling off while playing.

4. Can prescription glasses be used as safety glasses?

Your eyeglasses don't protect you against pokes and flying elbows while playing sports as well as safety goggles do. Unless prescription glasses have been specially designed to be safety glasses, they cannot be used as protective eye gear.