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Basketball Prescription Safety Goggles 

Basketball is a fast-paced sport, demanding peak physical and visual performance. While showcasing your skills, eye safety remains paramount. Regular glasses can become a hazard during intense competition. This is where prescription sport glasses for basketball designed for the court come in.

Benefits of Prescription Sports Glasses for Basketball

EyeSports' prescription basketball glasses offer the perfect blend of clear vision correction and unparalleled eye safety. Here's what sets them apart:

  • Wraparound Lenses: Experience an unobstructed, wide field of view crucial for tracking the ball and anticipating plays.
  • Impact-Resistant Materials: Our lenses are crafted from high-performance materials that can take a hit without compromising your vision or safety.
  • Secure and Comfortable Fit: Designed to stay put during intense movement, our glasses provide a comfortable, secure fit that won't slip or bounce.

Choosing the Right Pair for Your Game

Finding the perfect fit is key to optimal performance. EyeSports offers various styles and sizes to cater to different age groups, face shapes, and individual preferences. Here's what to consider:

  • Size and Fit: Ensure your glasses sit comfortably on your nose and ears, with minimal movement during play.
  • Lens Type: Explore options like clear lenses for indoor courts, tinted lenses for outdoor games, or anti-fog lenses to maintain clarity during exertion.

Invest in Your Vision and Elevate Your Game

Prescription basketball glasses from EyeSports are not just an eye safety measure but a performance enhancer. See the court, play confidently, and take your game to the next level. Visit the EyeSports collection today and find the perfect pair of sport glasses prescription for basketball to unleash your potential.

Our warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear, including but not limited to scratched lenses, accidental damage, misuse, and other issues determined by Eyesports not to be a manufacturer's defect.


Are basketball goggles prescription?

Most basketball goggles have a prescription in place, to ensure that your eyes and vision are protected. Prescription basketball glasses should always meet these standards to ensure eye safety in all conditions.

Are glasses allowed in basketball?

While it is allowed and you can wear glasses when playing basketball, it is important to be wearing the right type of eyewear to avoid any possible eye injuries throughout your game. It's also important to ensure your glasses don’t get in the way of your performance. Investing in a pair of sports spectacles or basketball prescription safety goggles that are impact-resistant are recommended.

How do you protect your glasses when playing basketball?

Basketball goggles offer protection for your eyes against accidental pokes and elbows, but are often used to keep prescription glasses from being damaged or falling off while playing.

Can prescription glasses be used as safety glasses?

Your eyeglasses don't protect you against pokes and flying elbows while playing sports as well as safety goggles do. Unless prescription glasses have been specially designed to be safety glasses, they cannot be used as protective eye gear.